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A different kind of battle awaits...

Pocket Attorney

One of our Pocket Games series!  Choose your attorney and get to work convincing the jury.  You'll need to present evidence and witnesses in order to make your case...while using objections and motions to throw opposing counsel off balance!

Starter - Attorney3 [face,1].png
Starter - Judge [face,1].png

Test your powers of strategy and persuasion...

This trial is going to be a you think you have what it takes?  One by one, you've got to use evidence and witnesses to lure jurors to your side.  

HOWEVER, every step you try to take, the opposing lawyer will attempt to stop you.  Objections.  Motions.  Sidebars.  But they're not the only one with a briefcase full of tricks!

All our signature pocket games use our unique "handbuilding" system, and include high quality cards stored inside cool (and durable) metal mint tins!

Briefcase - Photo [face,1].png
Starter - Detective [face,2].png
Briefcase - Argumentative [face,1].png
Briefcase - Defendant [face,1].png
Starter - Sidebar [face,2].png

- Highly strategic gameplay

- Engaging artwork

- One compact package!

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