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Archangelis Games

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Todd Bartine

Evey Bartine

Jenn Ampulski

Archangelis Games LLC.
Based in Fairview, Tennessee
Founded: 2023

Game Press Pages: 


A Game of Angelic our store NOW


A Game of Space our store NOW


A Game of Monster Hunting...coming Spring 2024 


A Game of Zombie Survival...coming Fall 2024


A Game of Vampiric testing


A Game of Steampunk testing


A Game of Ferret development

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About Archangelis Games

Why deckbuilding games?  We’ve played tons of card games…and many of them rely on the gamer going out and buying LOTS of booster packs and individual cards, in order to build competitive decks.  Not deckbuilding games…everything you need comes in the box, and all players start with identical decks which they try to build into amazing decks. Plus…if you’ve played just ONE deckbuilder, then you know the basics which apply to ALL deckbuilders.  And learning to play another one is SIMPLE.


What’s our design strategy?  Lots of games try to make the game “strategic” by including TONS of tokens and pieces, and by making the rules VERY complicated.  Well, that is fun for some gamers…but we like to play games, not read rule books and set up tons of pieces.  Our games easy to learn, easy to teach, and easy to play…but difficult to master.  Layer upon layer of strategy are built into the game, but the rules stay simple and easy to remember.


Who are we?  See below…these are our designers!  We are a family of gamers, and everyone takes part in the design, development, playtesting, and marketing of our games!


Environmental Commitments

Long-lasting design

The boxes and cards are made using durable materials, with UV coating which will increase long-lasting use and durability.


Reusability and recyclability

Our manufacturer produces our components using recyclable materials, that are 100% recycled material. 100% PEFC and FSC Recycled Certified. Processes are in place to reduce waste material, toner, and UV coating so it is all used up by the machines. Any excess is recycled or returned to the provider.


Sustainable materials

100% recycled material, 100% PEFC and FSC Recycled Certified. Also, the toner is soy based. Decks are wrapped in recycled and recyclable bands and labels.


Environmentally friendly factories

The factory uses processes to prevent waste by ensuring that all materials, if possible, are used up in the production processes. Any excess is recycled or returned to the provider, and any blank parts are donated to products or indie game conventions.


Sustainable Distribution

Parts are bought locally, to reduce shipping. Also, being located in the United States, and with most products shipped in the United States, that reduces shipping as well. We will also be doing direct shipping from the factory to the consumer to reduce cost and pollution.

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