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Todd Bartine

Evey Bartine

Jenn Ampulski

Archangelis Games LLC.
Based in Fairview, Tennessee
Founded: 2023

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About Archangelis

The final battle has begun!  In the Archangelis deckbuilding game, you and your opponent will begin with identical decks, full of the low-level angels willing to join your cause from the start.  Each turn, you will have the opportunity to add to your deck:  Legendary angels, mystical humans, ancient and powerful relics, and miracles.


Your battle has drawn the attention of the demons...and they want in. You'll also be adding demons, their fanatical followers, cursed objects, and dark powers to your deck.  When you're strong enough, your host of angels can lay siege to cosmic, creepy, and mystical locations on Earth. 


Welcome to Archangelis:  The Deckbuilding Game of Angelic Warfare!



  • Our signature two deck store...when refilling the store, choose from either the Angelic Deck or the Infernal Deck.

  • Multi-use cards:  Lots of cards can be used for multiple purposes...the strategy is up to YOU!

  • High quality materials.  UV coating and linen texture on the cards, with high resolution printing on cards and packaging.

  • The Core Set will allow for 2 players to engage in battle.   The Four Player add-on expands the player count to 2-4 players. 

  • Commanders Add-on, Unlikely Allies Add-on, and World Locations Add-on expand the world of the game and increase strategic options!


How to Play


“Archangelis takes what you love about deckbuilding but adds a customizable market, multi-use cards, and a final game deciding Duel. Are you prepared to fight? Will you bask in the Heaven’s light, or be consumed by Hell’s darkness?”
~Brian @9 to 6 Games

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