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Ready for a little cyberwarfare...

Pocket Hacker

One of our Pocket Games series!  A cyberpunk vision of a future ruled by a tyrannical Master AI System...and it's up to you, a talented hacker, to stop it.  Your skill won't be enough.  You'll have to complete hacking contacts, make some credits, and buy powerful gear for your system.  You might even need to hack your opponent...but watch out for the backtrace!

Hacker -  GlitchWitch [face,1].png
Tech - Contract 7 [face,1].png

You've got skills, kid...try not to get fried...

You're off to a good start.  You've done some minor hacking jobs, and developed your skills...but you're nowhere near ready to take on the Master AI System.

Take contracts.  Buy cool tech gear for your rig.  Hack your opponents.  Watch the for backtrace, or your precious gear could get FRIED.

All our signature pocket games use our unique "handbuilding" system, and include high quality cards stored inside cool (and durable) metal mint tins!

Master AI Firewall [face,1].png
Futuristic City
Futuristic City
Starting - Credits [face,4].png
Hacker -  ByteBender [face,1].png
Tech - Satellite [face,1].png
Starting - Proxy Server [face,2].png

- Highly strategic gameplay

- Engaging artwork

- One compact package!

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