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The high seas are yours in...

Pocket Privateer

The first game in our new Pocket Games series!  Choose your legendary pirate and ship...then take to the seas and ports in search of treasure!  Fire cannons, board your opponents, rule the Caribbean!

Starter - Captain Blackbeard [face,1].png
Store - Ghost Ship [face,1].png

Pillage and plunder...

You and your opponent will search the ports of the Caribbean for the four legendary treasures.  But finding them is the EASY part...holding onto them will be the challenge! 

Use your cannons, boarding parties, and any tricks or crew you can pick up in the store to help win the day, and sail away with the prize!

All our signature pocket games use our unique "handbuilding" system, and include high quality cards stored inside cool (and durable) metal mint tins!

Starter - Deckhands [face,2].png
Ship - Queen Annes Revenge [face,1].png
Starter - Captain Anne Bonny [face,1].png
Store - Map [face,1].png
Booty - Whydah Galley Treasure [face,1].png

- Highly strategic gameplay

- Engaging artwork

- One compact package!

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