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Make sure they know who is in charge...

Pocket Tyrant

One of our Pocket Games series!  Your people seem peaceful...for now.  But as a tyrant, you must always be on the lookout for challenges to your authority.  Be sure to use all your powers to defend your spheres of control...while driving your opponent's citizens towards REVOLUTION!

Tyrant - King [face,1].png
Starting - Outrage [face,2].png

It's your country, and they are NOT going to take it from you...

The threats to your power are everywhere.  Good thing you wield complete power, authority, and control.

Keep control of the government, military, economic, and ideological arenas...and you might ward off revolution.  At least for a while.

All our signature pocket games use our unique "handbuilding" system, and include high quality cards stored inside cool (and durable) metal mint tins!

Starting - Saber Rattling [face,2].png
Tyrant - General [face,1].png
Store - World Media [face,1].png
Store - Corruption [face,1].png
Starting - Crackdown [face,2].png

- Highly strategic gameplay

- Engaging artwork

- One compact package!

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